Hey, my name is Matvey, thanks for visiting! I'm a co-founder and an in-house cinematographer at a film startup Magyon, Inc. We're building FilmYeti - an agent for film crew.

I work freelance under my own label Burning Bear Films. If you need help with a project (big or small) - get in touch, and we'll chat! (Please note that burning of bears is not included. Nor is it condoned.)


Once upon a time, my crew and I climbed up a small mountain with an ARRI 35BL, a tripod and a lens package for a film shoot. It was awesome.

Cameras I've worked with:ARRI [16, 35, Alexa]; RED [Scarlet, Epic]; Blackmagic [All]; Sony [F5/F55, FS700]; Canon [C300/500, EOS DSLR]

Software I use:Adobe Premiere Pro; Final Cut Pro X; DaVinci Resolve [for colour correction & grading]

Other on-set accomplishments include single-take Movi and Steadicam pirouettes, hanging out of windows as well as moving cars, and "lighting the hell out that scene." (References available upon request.) If you're a startup or an app developer and need a preview trailer for your app - I can help with that as well! Apps I've cut trailers for can be found here on iTunes.